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Reg. No- 4118, dated 7-12-02, Kolkata

PROJECT AND ENVIRONMENT CONSULTANTS Reg. No- 4118, dated 7-12-02, Kolkata The industrial viability, especially in eastern India, has become critical and many have closed or in the verge of closure. New appropriate technologies, reorganization, renovation, conforming to environment laws are required and finance are essential. In order to process such proposals for Government grant or loan from banks, FI etc. PEC with panel of expert IIT engineers and professional managers has been formed for following purposes: 1. Inspection report by experts, 2. Revival plan for sick industry, 3. Plan and design viable industry, 4. Conduct Environment Impact Assessment or EIA studies, 5. Prepare Environment Management Plan or EMP, 6. Make Project or Feasibility Report, with networks, 7. Project implementation with scheduling and monitoring, 8. Make Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP, 9. Carry out Customer Relationship Management studies, 10. SCM studies and Report. 11. Clearing Government and legal permissions, 12. Solving any other project and environment problems. 13. Assistance as EMS Consultant of Quality Council of India Please send your enquiries or requirements to Er.B.K.Samanta, B.Tech (Hons), MMCC, MMGI, FIE, MCSI, MNIPM Director, PEC in the email address or with details so that your problems are attended to forthwith.

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